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The VAAÖ ("Verband Angestellter Apotheker Österreichs" = Austrian Association Of Employed Pharmacists) represents the interests of pharmacists and aspirants who are employed in public pharmacies and dispensaries and has the ability to negotiate collective agreements.

With about 3.100 members and a union density of about 65% (that means two out of three active employed pharmacists are members of the VAAÖ) the association is the biggest optional occupational representation of interests for employed pharmacists. The membership to our organization reflects the high quota of women in the pharmaceutical branch: more than 80% of our members are women.

Beside the colleagues in professional life most of our retired members keep the membership to “their” association also in retirement.

In its long lasting history – it was founded in 1891 - our association was (and is) successful for its members by countless complimentary representatives.

We're negotiating better pay settlements for employed pharmacists in collective bargaining every year.

We’re proud about our attainments for all pharmacists, beside this, we give a multiplicity of individual advices about problems in employment legislation, social justice and in law of taxation or even legal advices on the occasion of colleagues becoming independent. Part of our member program are also seminaries, further educations, excursions plus social and cultural activities.

In 1999 we fought for the equal treatment of pharmacists in partial employment concerning the advancement in the schema of the pharmaceutical salary fund before the Austrian Supreme Court and succeeded.

We’re an occupational representation of interests!

We’re representing the occupational and social interests of employed pharmacists free from political party affiliation.

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